Visit blitz -Germany & Caanes Film Festival

The Red Carpet Entrance

Visit blitz of Germany & Attending Cannnes Film Festival

Caanes' walk of "fame" Roman Polanski's tile.

After finishing up our work in England and we flew into Stuttgart and drove on the autobahn to Waldorf, Germany.  We did not test how fast we could go but stayed up with traffic and moved along at a good clip.  I never figured out the how fast we were going as I did not have the conversion from miles to kilometers, and to be honest I really did not care.  Our major effort upon getting in the car was to program the GPS to give us directions in English instead of German.   Our whole first day in Germany was a bit misleading.  Everyone we encountered spoke flawless English I was tricked into thinking this would be a breeze. Other than the road signs I felt like I was in English speaking country and the English speaking GPS did not help my illusion.   The next morning I went to the front desk and was promptly greeted with Guten Morgen (Good Morning) and was quickly reminded that my German vocabulary consisted of about 4 words. The front desk agent was very forgiving and immediately spoke to me in English.  We spent the remainder of day two visiting two more worksites. I felt like I had had the drive by view of Germany. I saw a few castles and quaint little towns along the highway and I ate my share of spatzel, sausages, sauerbraten and pickled cabbage, but I never felt like I experienced Germany in a proper way.

The next morning we were off to the South of France.  When we originally booked this trip I had wondered why it was so hard to find a hotel in Nice. We finally found one at an exorbitant price a mile or so from the old city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Come to find out the Caanes Film Festival was going on at the exact time we were scheduled to be there. Lucky us!! The airlines into Nice were packed full and upon arrival we could not help but notice the number of private jets parked at the airport. The excitement of the people arriving and the general buzz of activity was everywhere we went.  We took care of business immediately and had one small site to visit in the small town of Sophia Antipolis.  It was located on a hill overlooking the sea and was one stunning place to visit. We finished our work on Thursday night and headed into the old section of Nice for dinner. It had been a full week and my colleague headed home early Friday morning but I had other plans….. Come hell or high water, I was going to see what Caanes was all about. It was raining and the trains were striking, but I was undeterred. I caught the bus and rode through every little town along the way to reach my destination.  I could have gone to a film but it would have wasted too much of the day so I elected to get the lay of the land instead.  I walked past  the red carpet,  the media bleachers set up right in the middle of the street and all the stages set up for the evening activities. The waterfront was lined with white tent pavilions with bold letters denoting the participating country.  The sidewalk around the waterfront is Caanes’s version of the Hollywood walk of fame.  It is a terracotta walkway with the actor’s tiles appearing every few feet.  Each star has a small square terracotta tile with their handprint and signature surround by smaller blue tiles that help it stand out.  The harbor was loaded with some very sizable yachts and plenty of small docks for people to arrive via smaller boats.  I ate lunch and chatted with some members of the French media who were gearing up for the big evening.  I did a bit of shopping to commemorate my visit and headed to catch the bus. It took several hours to arrive back to my hotel as the streets were packed with people in all the little towns surrounding the festival.  On a normal day it probably would have been a twenty minute cab ride.  It was dark when I arrived back at my hotel and I was tired and satisfied I had taken advantage of the opportunity and I would be ready to head home first thing the next morning.    That evening from my hotel I emailed my work mates and told them I had donned my ball gown, polished my tiara and rubbed elbows with Angelina.  

Hotel Front
American Tent along the waterfront
Yachts in the harbor. Behind the stage is a boat dock for quick stage access.
The festival has more than one red carpet to showcase the different films.

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09.05 | 12:43

Nina, so enjoyed your description/s of place and experience/s. It almost felt like I was right next to you throughout your journey! Thank you for sharing!

24.03 | 20:01

Great article, Nina. Now I wish I had gone there when I was in Bath. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity to go there someday....

18.03 | 18:48

I've been to Bath twice myself. And have gone to Sally Lunn's twice, too. Took my English cousins to Bath. It was their first time there and they loved it.

10.03 | 20:13

As a kid, I spent my summers in New York state. As an adult, I have had many recurring dreams about going there. I have gone back and the memories rekindle.

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